Dinghy, Side decks, Strip planking

SB Stern shaped

Posted by Paul

Its amazing what some glue and bog can achieve. I managed to make up a shape by just pushing planks up against the broken sections, jamming them in where I could and filling spaces as I went and before long I had almost found the shape. I still have a big high spot, even more pronounced than the high on the port hull, but again, with a grinder I will find the shape needed, back fill with more bog where needed, and glass it when it is correct.

I also filled the inside of this section as much as I could with glue, so that as I sand down the high corner into a gentle curve, there is something behind it as I may go a fair way through the planks in places.

I also did a little more work on the dingy, sanding the hatch backfill and fitting the hatch lids back on. I still have the front hatch to sand back and I have not fitted the hinges and latches yet.

dingy hatch lids

Whilst I did not get the glass on today, I did decide to fill the gaps so that the wet out is faster and uninterrupted by having to fill any gaps. Today’s work was somewhat satisfying, when things go wrong it is nice to be able to solve the problems that are thrown up. Once the shape is sanded and back to a nice curve I will glass the panel.

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