Dinghy, Side decks, Strip planking

SB Stern shape refined

Posted by Paul

With a little more sanding and re bogging, the stern is starting to look like the shape it needs to be for me to glass it. Remember I am not fairing the hull now, just getting it close enough to glass, the fairing will take place on the boat once I have glued the stripped panel onto the hulls, which I wont do until I have made and put the daggerboards in, finished glassing the bulkheads and made and fitted the keelsons at the bow, so not for some time.

I also finished fitting the hatch lids and giving the dingy another light sand to be sure it is ready to paint in the next few days.

sb stern almost shapeddingy almost ready to paint

So now I will get on and glass the panel outside and give it a light coat of bog. Hopefully before the weekend.

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