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SB planking glass cut and ready

Posted by Paul

I sanded the last sections of the starboard planks, I decided yesterday to fill the gaps left by the straps and around the screws so that the wet out was faster and not interrupted by having to fill gaps as I went. So now the whole panel is sanded I was able to hang the glass on the boat and cut it to shape. Later this week I should be able to wet the glass out and apply a thin layer of bog. Mike reminded me that I will probably have to add extra layers of glass around the mast on these panels so I should not bog for a meter or so around this area. I have already bogged the port side, but I will just have to sand it all off back to the glass again, a little more work that I would have avoided if the full instructions on what to do to make the bi rig were available but unfortunately this engineering and instruction work is yet to be done. Hopefully it arrives soon so that the 3 of us building this boat with this rig will know what to do and when.

sb planking glass drapedsb planking glass cut

I also took the time to clean the floors again on both sides of the boat and underneath, using the dust extractor as a vacuum cleaner. I am hoping to spray the dingy with white primer later this week ready for a special paint job by a friend of mine. More on that later. Its always nice to have a clean shed, I often tell people that if you cant handle dust then perhaps boat building is not for you because it is the one thing that most people hate. I am finding that I need a big clean up about once every month or so. I look forward to a time once the boat is finished when I don’t ever have to think about dust again!

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