Bogging, Bridgedeck

Sanding underwing

Posted by Paul

I have started to sand the underwing, like most fairing it is not a pleasant job but it isn’t as back breaking as it would be upside down, so I am happy to do it before I raise the deck. I am about 1/3 done. I leave for the boat show tomorrow so I wont finish the sanding or paint the deck until late next week.

bogged ends

I have bogged the end caps of the stiffeners and I am very confident that they will sand out very well with no sign of the tape edges. Once paint is on it will look good I think. I am hoping to get serious about purchasing furniture material as well as other fittings at the show. I can wait until next years show for windows and hatches but I may need toilets and plumbing before that so a lot of serious research at this years show, not just swanning around gawking at boats.

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