Fairing, Starboard Hull

Sanding The Fill

Posted by Paul

I spent an hour sanding back all the filler that I put on the hull yesterday and it all worked very well and has remedied the problems of the glass tears and holes. It also saved me some sanding work as I filled some of the low spots that were left so apart from sanding the fill down I don’t have to sand any further and the hull has faired out well, better I think, than the Port hull and I was quite happy with that. You cant really tell until the highbuild goes on but it seems better. And everything on this hull seems to have gone better than the first which is to be expected. So apart from the chamfer turn the hull filling the hull is ready for the resin coats. I will sand the chamfer turn tomorrow.

I anticipate I will remove the temporary bulkheads this week and get started on the internal tapes. I will resin and highbuild next Saturday.

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