Preparing hulls for glassing, Starboard Hull

Sanding The Chines Almost Done

Posted by Paul

I have almost completed the chine sanding. I still have about a meter on both sides of the hull at the stern to do and about 3 meters of the keel at the bow, and I also have to fill some holes here and there, mostly on the keel, and then sand them. I figure maybe half an hour to fill everything and about another hours sanding to go which I will get done tomorrow.

I also plan a clean up tomorrow, including a hull wash down to remove the dust and will also vacuum the floor. Then on Saturday I plan to prepare for glassing on Sunday. The preparation will include cutting all the glass to size and rolling them up ready for attaching in order, and also having the array of ice cream containers ready for pre mixing the 4:1 ADR resin for the glass wet out. Resin (x4) in one container, hardener (x1) in another container repeated about 10 of each, then as we need them during the wet out, the hardener gets poured into the resin container and mixed ensuring the correct ratios. This ensures we don’t have to measure under time pressure which can lead to mistakes.

We should get the glassing done on Sunday and the bogging on Monday. Then guess what I will be doing next month.

Time Spent: 52.00 Hours
Total build time so far: 597.00 Hours
Total Elapsed Time: 12 Months 4 weeks

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