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Sanding The Chine Turns

Posted by Paul

I have sanded the filled chine turns on about half the hull. I have done most of the inboard side and the bow section of the outboard side, but haven’t done the keel, so about half the hull.

The keel filled beautifully with the Duflex plug (see the pic on the right below). I still have some gaps in the glue here and there to fill along with the screw holes from the tabs that kept it in place, but the sanding of the chine turns also reveals low spots and air bubbles that also need filling so I will do a final fill after the sanding is done, then a final sand.

It is a stark reminder of just how horrible sanding is, especially the white fill compound because the dust is white and is really fine like talcum powder, it goes up into the air and lands on just about everything even though I am using the dust extractor. At least with the bog dust it is the same color as any other dust, with this stuff there is no doubt where is came from and exactly who is responsible. I think the fill compound must also be lighter than bog because there is so little of it to sand, just the joins but the dust does go everywhere whereas the bog completely covers the hull but seems to just fall directly below the sanded area of goes up the dust extractor.

st bow sandedst inboard sanded 2st inboard sandedsb keel filled

I should be able to sand the other half of the hull tomorrow. It doesn’t really take that long to sand. I did half the hull in 3 hours today and an hour yesterday, but getting the motivation to do 8 solid hours of sanding is tough. I could work into the night if I really wanted to but who wants to sand for that long!

I am still hoping to convince family members to pitch in and help me glass the hull over this coming long weekend.

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