Fairing, Highbuild, Starboard Hull

Sanding Highbuild

Posted by Paul

I managed 2 hours of sanding (about my limit) today. I started at the bow on the inboard side. I usually like to get the outboard side done first so that I use most energy on the most important side of the hull before my enthusiasm wanes (it hasn’t at all yet but I fear it will someday) but I decided it didn’t matter today as this is the first of 3 coats to sand and also because I didn’t have the usual energy for boat building today for 2 reasons, the Brazilian Grand Prix started at 2.45am and I had to unload a truck delivering stock to our business this afternoon, 92 20kg cartons! That’s about a third the weight of our cat when finished! Anyway I managed about a quarter of the hull. So 3 more days like today and I will be onto the next coat.

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