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Saloon webs started

Posted by Paul

I worked all day today but had a minor mishap that cost me an hour or so. I have finished the first of 2 200 litre drums of resin and was in the process of switching drums when I dropped a 20 litre drum of hardener with the lid off, losing about 5 litres of hardener. It tool me an hour to clean up and as you use 80 litres of hardener with 400 litres of resin (5:1) I am going to run out of hardener before I run out of resin. I will worry about that as I run out, by then the boat will be almost finished so I wont be too upset then. I was pretty cranky with myself today, it is not cheap stuff. I figure that little slip cost me about a $100. Anyway I guess it was inevitable that I would have as spill sooner or later. They say (Schionning) that there is a 10% wastage built in so perhaps I will still have enough to finish.

I have glassed the 2 port hull keel panels that I had not yet done, so tomorrow I can glue in the last 2 webs. Today I also glued in the SB saloon hull webs. These are the biggest of them I usually glue and tape the middle one in one long tape then glue the side webs on and glass them in smaller tapes. But I have tried a different method today. I glued the whole thing in and tomorrow once it is all set I will tape off the separate sections. There is no right or wrong so long as all of the tapes go in and each section is completely sealed but I will see which method I prefer and start on the last 2 in the port hull. I may leave the bathroom section as I have yet to design my plumbing diagram.

saloon port hull web drysaloon port hull web

So with any luck, with the webs all glued in tomorrow, I may be able to get the soles trimmed and fitted before I go to the snow on Wednesday. Then when I get back I can start on finishing the forebeam before gluing it in.

James has glassed the underwing of 9lives. It is too heavy to lift without a crane so they plan to turn it over during the week and prepare to join the hulls.

9lives underwing glassednine lives logo

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