Saloon Roof Second Coat

Posted by Paul

With the first white epoxy coat keyed it didn’t take long to give the saloon roof a second coat. And of course I used much less white epoxy on the second coat than on the first. About a third less. I just mixed it up and poured it on and then used a foam roller to spread it around and even it out, mopping up runs where I had poured too much on for it to hold on its own. The thick mix is self levelling so as soon as you run the roller through the marks that are left by it in the surface melt away again leaving a level high gloss finish.

saloon roof second coatsaloon roof second coat 1

Once I had finished sanding the saloon roof for recoating today I gave the cockpit roof a sand to finish it ready for highbuild. There were still a few pock marks here and there and Warren was repairing his daggerboard and had some filler mixed that he did not need so I used that to fill the last of the marks in the roof.

Tomorrow I will give the cockpit roof a final sand and fill the gap I left for the LED rope light with filler, then once it sets I will sand it and route the slot back in again for the LED and this side of the roof is finished for now and I can turn it over to finish the work I want to do to the top of it (uni glass the edge around the front and over the top to form a girder of uni all around to stiffen the roof) before lifting it onto the boat.

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