Roof Out From Under The Boat

Posted by Paul

The boys moved 9 Lives today. They hired 4 piano trolleys, jacked the boat up and placed the 4 trolleys in place and pushed the boat over. Easy. When the time comes (soon) to move the boat out they will employ the same method. Just move the boat a little further over, turn the trolleys around (they only work 1 way) and push the boat out of the shed onto the hardstand outside in readiness for the truck to take it to the water.

roof upside down 3roof upside down 4

The benefit for me right now is the extra space behind my boat to finish the roof in the clear without being hunched over under the bridgedeck. I had already released it so we all got on a corner lifted it off the frames and carried it out into the clear, turned it around so that we could stand it up and turn it over. The roof is still very flexible and cracks and groans if you attempt to walk on it anywhere other than directly down the middle.

roof upside down 1roof upside down 2

So with the roof out in the open I removed one of the frames in order to hold the roof in shape. I unscrewed it from the strongback sides and laid it out on the now upside down roof and imagine my horror when I saw how out of shape the roof was. Until I realised that gravity was now very much working against me and with just a few props under the roof here and there and suddenly most of the problem is removed again. So tomorrow I will get it completely right so as to be ready to glass the inside. Once glassed on the inside the roof will hold its shape. The critical area is where I have this first frame re set as this is where the roof attaches to BH6 the saloon door bulkhead. It wont attach to any other bulkhead, everywhere else it attaches to the wrap around so each will have a little give in it to meet each other, but the bulkhead wont give, the roof must match it.

I will attach a few other frames as you do want the roof in shape to save too much stress later when trying to get the wrap around to fit and of course the better the shape the less fairing will be needed. Once I have a few frames in i will glass between them and then once set, the frames can come out and the rest of the roof glassed.

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