Roof On

Posted by Paul

Today we lifted the roof up onto the boat. I got some help from Terry (building an Easy), Warren (built a Crowther), Dave (fairing the Waller) and Pat (owns and sails an Endeavour 26), thanks guys. The 5 of us lifted the roof on fairly easily in about 20 minutes. We lifted the roof straight up onto its rear edge then over the rest of the way leaning onto the boat, then slid it slowly up onto the boat, then lifted it past the point where the weight shifted forward of the bulkhead and the roof rested on the legs I had attached at the front.

roof in place to liftlifting roof on 1lifting roof on 2lifting roof on 3

The lifting was not too hard as we didn’t need to lift the full weight, we just slid it onto the boat and up onto the bulkhead and into place. Then it was just a matter of moving it this way or that, up or down at the front until it was pretty much in place. It still needs some fine tuning but is basically in place.

lifting roof on 4lifting roof on 5lifting roof on 6lifting roof on 7

Once the roof had been lifted onto the boat and roughly into place, the guys had to go and I spent some time admiring my work. I couldn’t hang around too long as Terry was driving me home, but staring at a major milestone achieved is an important part of being able to finish a project like this, and fortunately I had forgotten my laptop at the shed, so the moment Terry dropped me off I got in the car and went back to the shed for 15 more minutes of admiring the way the roof fitted over the cockpit.

Whilst lifting the roof into place I did just a little damage to the foam edge, it should not be too hard to fix before I glass the edge with uni. I have a slight dip in the middle of the rear of the roof, I don’t think that it is in the roof itself but more in the edging. If it is in the roof I can bog that out. I ran a straight edge along the edge trim and it was flat so it could be that the roof will be manipulated into place level and then when the uni goes on and sets it holds the kink out. I may not attempt to remove it though as I kind of like the look of the curve and it is a symmetrical and centred dip and looks deliberated. I will decide on that over the next week or so whilst I am away (Jo and I are driving down to have Christmas with my family in Melbourne).

roof edge damagedroof flat edge

I am immensely pleased to have got the roof on the boat as I had aimed for this month. It is another of those major milestones to be enjoyed. I will have a week or so away and time to reflect on the work done and the work I want to achieve in 2009. Thank you to all that have read the site, emailed advise or questions and to all I wish a safe and happy festive season. Hopefully next year will bring many more highlights like today as the boat gets ever closer to launch so that hopefully by this time next year most of the work will be done and launch wont be very far off.

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