Roof Inside Sanded

Posted by Paul

Now that the roof is out and turned over I need to glass the inside. Before that is done the roof is still flexible so it needs the glass to fix its shape and stiffen it. I carefully sanded the glue that had squeezed out through the joins and also tried to level the planks as best I could. I will need to backfill the gaps between the planks and I will use the glue to level between planks of uneven height in areas I have not ground down to smooth.

roof inside sanded

When I made the strip planked side decks I employed 2 methods of back gluing. One method is to do it then let it set then sand it smooth again before glassing. The other method was to glue and then glass wet on wet. I did not like this method as much because at the time I could not get the entire length backfilled then glassed wet on wet fast enough without it all going off and whilst I got it done it was touch and go at times. I felt I got a better job by letting the glue go off and sanding again.

I will glue and glass wet on wet when I do glass the roof provided I get a cool enough day to do it. I will run the glass strips across the width of the roof and it is really only the curved sections either side that need glue so I feel I will be able to get the glass wet out on wet glue without too much trouble, provided as I say that I get a cool day.

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