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Roof glued on

Posted by Paul

The roof is glued onto the boat. But I did have a strange occurrence and a minor hiccup or 2. I lifted the roof off the bulkhead and slid blocks in to hold it off the bulkhead in order to smear glue along the top of the bulkhead which is the uni rope. I had sanded it to pre score it and had marks on the roof and on the bulkhead to line it up. I mentioned yesterday I have to be careful to get the top back down off the blocks. I had mentioned yesterday that I had the roof in the exact position within 5mm tolerances of the gap needed for the wrap around panels all around.

When I lifted the roof off the bulkhead I realised that the marks on the bulkhead were on the peel ply, which I had to remove before I glued the top on. So I carefully removed the peelply and transposed the marks to the panel exactly below where the mark was on the peel ply. Then I smeared glue over the bulkhead edge, removed the blocks and lowered the roof back down to the marks on the bulkhead to line up with the marks on the roof.

I could not get the 2 centre lines (one each side of the bulkhead) to line up again with one being a couple of mm out. Not a problem but annoying as I am absolutely sure that I transposed the marks from the peel ply to exactly the right spot on the bulkhead by tearing the peel ply off just past the mark then using the peelply as tracing paper to ensure the line below on the bulkhead surface still lined up exactly which it did, so I cant explain why the marks did not line up exactly now. Nevermind, I worked on, removing the excess glue that squeezed out and making small coves with the excess glue. I knew I would not have time to cove and tape today so a light sand tomorrow to remove glue dags and I will cove and tape tomorrow.

I placed screws a few mm into the underside of the roof each side of the bulkhead in order to hold the roof along the marked lines each side to set exactly in position. I did not need to screw the roof down as the join is so good but I did clamp it at the edges just to be sure it does not move while setting.

Then when I had it clamped, screws holding it to the marks, and the glue filling the join and the excess removed and neat coves made along each side ready for taping, I re-measured and the port side measurements exactly matched yesterdays which is the gap about 5mm smaller than the wrap around panel size meaning I will need a slight trim but the starboard side the gap was now even smaller! Smaller is not a problem, it just means I will need to trim more roof or side panel away to make it fit the panel (it would have been a problem if the gap became bigger than the panel). The gap on the starboard side went from being about 5mm too small yesterday to about 25mm too small today. The only explanation is that I made a mistake in my measurement yesterday. If the gap on the port side grew by the same amount that the starboard size shrank I could understand exactly what had happened but it stayed constant so I cant explain how 2 otherwise equal measurements are not now equal.

Anyway, no real problems. The top is glued on and tomorrow will be glassed on.

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