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Roof glassed on

Posted by Paul

Its amazing how long things take when you either stop to admire your work so far or you measure everything a 100 times. I am guilty of both and probably wasted an hour doing both today. Never mind. I did get the roof glassed onto the bulkhead, which included the usual coving as well. It was not a particularly hot day, that’s coming tomorrow according to the forecast so work was quite comfortable. Once I had both sides of the bulkhead taped to the roof I started to work on the cabin front panel, well when I say work, I mean getting it in place, I mean dry fit and then more measuring of various openings and panel sizes to be sure everything all still fits.

roof taped onroof taped on 1

Once the cabin front panel had its centreline marked I could line that up with the centreline that is permanently marked to the boat. Then once in place it shows the space each side that the curved wrap around will fill. There is still going to be some movement of the roof up and down (even twist if needed) as the bulkhead has some give in it but ideally you want the roof in the correct place without needing to coerce it much and you want BH6 to stay square and plumb but a little movement required at the front of the roof is only a tiny movement at the bulkhead. The front panel is resting dry in the slot where it will be glued at the bottom but held by the top by about 5mm (less in places) which by just lifting the top a couple of mm opens the space enough for the front to fit into the space.

Once the roof glass is set I can manipulate the roof if needed. Next step will be to kerf the wrap arounds and get them onto the boat (another job that will require some help) so I have an easy day planned for tomorrow, fit the timber braces that will stop the kerfed panel in the correct position and cut the kerfs.

I had a lucky escape today. I was cleaning the glue dags in the join between the roof and bulkhead and scoring it so that I could glass over it, with an angle grinder with sanding disk with it locked in the on position via its locking switch when I dropped it. As it fell to the floor it brushed my leg on the way down just nicking my pants and leg. It barely drew blood but could have been a lot worse. I jumped out of the way as it fell which obviously helped. And double fortunately it did not fall on its side or blade so it did no damage to the boat.

grinder teartiny cut

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