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Robe top glassed on

Posted by Paul

The robe furniture is almost finished. I have glassed the top on. So apart from some bog on the top and up the walls to fair out the tapes all that will need to be done is to fit the drawer runners and hinges so that the drawers open and close correctly and then to make and fit the doors and drawer fronts. I will make all of the doors and drawer fronts for the entire boat at the same time, dry fit them, remove them again for painting then final fit just before launch.

There is of course other work that needs to be done in the room, such as fit the final d section wall and glass it on and to fit and glass the hull to deck panel then either fair the room or make linings. I will probably roughly fair the room and paint white epoxy everywhere except on the top and cupboard fronts.

robe top glassed onrobe top glassed on 1

Now that the furniture is all in it is part of the structure of the boat (actually I still have one more web to fit to the roof for the mast post load dispersion) and the furniture acts to stiffen the hull and to dissipate some of the mast post loads. So on to the next rooms, the forward bedrooms. I still have to fit the ensuite furniture, it is made but the edges need filling and some plumbing finalized for which I am waiting to buy the first of the toilets which I will do in Dec then I can say I am finished both forward rooms. I am working from the bows back but where I have to I will skip back and forth to keep working.

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