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Rear Seat Curved

Posted by Paul

I did not have much time to work on the boat today, nor could I do much with the little time I had, not on the cockpit seating anyway. The next part of this job will take the best part of a day, that is gluing the now full length wrap around seat in place and coving and taping it all. One small tip to remember when making a curved seat is that the front has to stretch a little longer across the front before it is curved because a curved length is longer than the straight line from the widest points, how much depends on the amount of curve so it pays to check it with a flexible tape first.

curved seat back portcurved seat back sbcurved rear seat back 2curved rear seat back 1

Today I did get the panel dry fitted into place to reveal its final shape. The only thing that will change once the seat tops go on and the seat backs in place will be that the tops will overhang about 40mm. I cant explain how happy I am with the way this seating has turned out. It is quite a thrill to design something yourself, albeit within the parameters of the space available, and then to measure it out, and to see it come together and turn out the way you want.

Unfortunately I wont get back on the boat until next week.

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