Attaching hull panels, Starboard Hull

Ready to Start Planking The Hull

Posted by Paul

With the bulkheads all stood, checked, braced and re checked I am ready to start attaching the hull panels, starting with the keel boards. I have glassed them in the places adjacent to bulkheads 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7 where the plans call for reinforcement so that the tapes that join the bulkhead to the hull will have this glass to attach to.

I have been told by some other builders that it is quite ok to recycle the peel ply that is removed from the panels (the factory applied peel ply). The purpose of the peel ply is to negate the need for sanding the set glass by keying the resin surface and also to absorb any excess resin in the wetout by drawing it out (it also acts as protection for the panels from glue spills etc). So I have re used the peel ply that was removed from the keel boards.

Tomorrow I will attach the keel panels to the hull. They take a day to set. I need them set so I can run ratchet straps over them to the strongback to lift the rest of the panels into place, so I cant start on the rest of the panels until Sunday. So for the rest of tomorrow I will be preparing the rest of the panels.

The next panels on the hull (after the keel boards) are what I call the bilge boards. I have one each side of the hull, ready to glass tomorrow and attach on Sunday, you can see one in the last picture.

With any luck I I may get most of the panels on this next week.

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