Dinghy, Side decks, Strip planking

Ready to glue the planks

Posted by Paul

Using 25mm wide strips of 3mm mdf as straps I have levelled the planks to each other in the Starboard hull. In most cases you only need a screw at the top and bottom, but for some of the more uneven panels you may need to put a screw into each plank around that is low or high.

sb planks leveleddingy core backfilled

I still have the reshaping work at the stern to do but I did that last time after I had glued the planks to each other in front of it so they would not lose their shape. I ran out of time to glue the panels today, but I hope to get time to do some of that tomorrow.

I did get some time to back fill the cored out panels on the dingy with a mixture of glue and filler. Once it is set (tomorrow) I will give it a quick sand to remove the sharp edges and I should be able to attach the lids back on with hinges. Then I have a few minor fittings to glass in and I am ready to paint it. I will give it a coat of white 2 pack undercoat (highbuild) and another light sand, then I will get it painted. Then I can launch it!

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