Joining the hulls

Ready to glue last bulkhead in.

Posted by Paul

I have glued the slots in the final bulkhead sides and middle part (bulkhead 6 saloon to cockpit door) so that it is narrowed where the tapes will sit. The method of getting the glue into the 100mm deep power saw cut is to try to pry the opening up with one finger and to slide a 100mm wide trowel or scraper loaded with glue into and along the slot. Kind of like buttering a sandwich with the 2 slices of bread already in place and sliding a knife with butter between them! I tried using a brush but it just gets clogged fast with the thicker glue and doesn’t reach very deep into the slot. Definitely much easier and more effective with the scraper. Once the slots are full of glue I clamp the slot down with a pine batten on each side and screw them to each other pulling the slot closed tight and squeezing the excess glue out. I then just clean the glue up and leave it to set. In the case of this bulkhead there is a slot cut into each side of the bulkhead as the tape joins would be visible from either side (either from the cockpit or the saloon). The other bulkheads had either no slot in the rear bulkhead or only one because only one side would be visible.

I dry fitted the centre piece and found that it too is about 15mm too small so again I have to glue a spacer in. The bulkhead duflex is 25mm but because the slots for the tapes are making the edges narrower I have used 19mm duflex for the spacer which works out fine. I have to put a smaller spacer on each side rather than one bigger one on one side because there is an additional part for the cabin top shape that has to be glued above these bulkhead parts and that the door has to be centred on the bulkhead. I may still just fill the gaps with glue rather than a spacer, either way it is not a big problem and fairly easy to fix. The tapes go on wet and clean the whole joins up and puts the strength into the joins.

I will glue this bulkhead in on Thursday or Friday and start on the bridgedeck panels on the weekend.

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