Building Logs

Pureseal Report

Posted by Paul

Another apology to readers waiting for updates. 3 weeks since my last update is a bit slack. December is always busy and usually not particularly productive. Anyway, I am still building just not posting. Also being the start of summer, its time to report on the Pureseal test. I think it is fair to say that it is just about finished. 3 years in the water and it is now starting to get crustaceans on it. Whilst I can still remove them, removing them from a small panel on the jetty is one thing, underwater on a 40ft hull altogether a different thing. 3 years is not a bad run though. I will keep the tests up a while longer but I think it will start to struggle from here on. And unless I get some answers from the supplier I am afraid that whilst I am very impressed with it, I cannot risk using it. I have 9 litres of it but have no idea how much coverage I would get with that. Imagine if I only got half a hull from 9 liters. I really would be in trouble then. And of course because nothing else will stick to it except more of the stuff I want to be sure that after say 4 years I could put a fresh coat on to last another 4 years, but if I cant get more of the stuff that wont happen. So now it is up to the supplier I guess. I doubt they read the blog but as I am one of if not the only published ongoing test of the stuff maybe they do. I would be more than willing to buy the stuff but cant get anyone to answer my emails. (pics will follow soon).

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