Pureseal test

Pure Seal 9 months test

Posted by Paul

Having recovered from the near disaster (see last post in August) I put it behind me and got on with the job today. But first, regular readers will know that at the start of each season I report on the PureSeal test. I have good news. The second test sample is still performing properly. I am very encouraged. It has now been in the water 9 months, and it still cleans up and looks just as it did when it first went in the water. It gets a slight algae growth on it after 3 months in the water but I am told this is because it is static in the water and on a moving hull this would be far less, even so, this thin layer of algae rubs off with just a light rub with the pad of my finger, not using my fingernails or any tools just the soft pad of my index finger. If this was a hull, a light rub with a cloth or brush in the water would easily achieve the same result. It is still way to early to commit to it for me, but it cant do any better than it is and if it continues for say another 6 or 8 tests (18 months – 2 years) it will have survived for 3 years and that would do it for me and I would gladly put it on my boat, so each test it passes is one closer to convincing me. I should also add that I have no financial or other vested interest in this stuff, except that I am keen to use it if it proves itself, although as a result of the test I am reporting on I am hoping for a discount from the distributor!

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