Standing bulkheads, Starboard Hull

Preparing to Plank the Hull

Posted by Paul

Well it took slightly longer to stand the last temporary bulkhead tbh6 than I thought. I had anticipated it would take an hour but it took about and hour and a half. I got it stood in about 20 minutes but it took me ages to get it exactly right. I would move it on one plane and put it out on another. Then I would adjust it again to correct and it would be out on a different plane again, and so it went until I finally got it close enough. The main reason for the difficulty is the legs are not as rigid as the others because these last 2 bulkheads or temps are much smaller and lighter and as a result of me not using the more rigid legs they move a little in all directions. It is still a mm off exactly right but it is a temp and I cant see that it would make any difference once the temp is removed. It sits in the stern to maintain the correct shape of the exit of the hull and I cant imagine that a mm out would be either visible or make any difference to the hull shape or performance. Having said that, I have made sure that the 2 most important measurements, square and level are exactly right.

Now that the bulkheads and temps are all stood the next step is to prepare the hull planks by glassing the inside of the planks that will be attached to the main spanning bulkheads for additional reinforcement. I need to pull the panels away from the wall and walk them outside to be turned around as they are currently the wrong way (the bow of the planks is at the stern of the boat). Once I have glassed the planks I will start to attach them to the bulkheads.

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