Joining the hulls

Preparing the hulls for joining.

Posted by Paul

I am itching to join the hulls. Today I decided to get started. In a modest way anyway. I have the hulls in the position for joining. So today I cleaned the bows and sterns up ready to be joined together at the correct distance apart. I removed the overhang of duflex and glass past bulkhead 0. The front faces of bulkhead 0 is the 0 datum point, back from which all measurements are taken. The finished bow shapes will be made much later out of foam and glassed over, kind of like moulded bumper bars on a car. So with the bows and sterns cleaned and the centrelines re marked, tomorrow I can start on the first plane of joining correctly, the hull distance apart from the centrelines bow and stern. I will make two 6 meter long spacers and mark on them centrelines for each hull at the correct spacing, which in my case is 5880mm.

cleaning sb bowsb bow cleaned

With the hulls and sterns locked together at the correct distance apart, the next step will be to ensure each hull is at 0 datum point.

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