Taping hull joins and bulkheads, Uni directional glass

Prep work in the hulls.

Posted by Paul

Because the next uni sets are 6 or 7 layers, and because I want to complete the wet out start to finish, I don’t get enough time on weeknights to finish so I cant start them. I will do them on the weekend. In the meantime there is plenty of other work to do. Today I sanded the tapes on the inside of both hulls and sanded the join of each hull ready to fill the gaps left and laying a layer of glass down to fully seal it. (Remember I had to add a piece down the middle of each hull due to a 20mm gap down the middle, and because the hulls were upside down I wanted to wait until I had gravity on my side.

So I spent 2 hours today sanding. Not a pleasant job but not a major hassle. I also spent a couple of hours yesterday just pottering about thinking of where I would be putting things, like water tanks, grey and black tanks, and just generally daydreaming about how the boat will work. Whilst I am not counting those hours towards the build, many hours can be saved by spending time now and again just working things out. I also refined some ideas I have been working on.

I may not have to run uni tapes on the front of bulkhead 4, I can add more uni tape to the back of the bulkhead to make up the difference, which is probably what I will do, however I am thinking that I may run a pvc pipe through the forward webs so I can run wiring and water pipes for the forward ensuite inside it and I may run the unis over the pvc pipe (and let it set before putting the pvc pipe in) with overhang to go down into the hulls. I am not sure yet but it will all make sense with pictures to help explain it if I go ahead and do it.

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