Building Logs

Port robe and bedroom hull-side cupboards

Posted by Paul

So finally back on my own build I finished the port forward bedroom hull-side (outboard) cabinet is finished. I coated the shelves with white epoxy and then glassed the top on. I had some work to do on the top, I had to finish shaping the front edge which I had filled during the week after having cut the shape also during the week. I also made a short curved top piece to join (on the other side of the bulkhead) the bedroom top to the robe top. I experimented with a number of different shaped curves and stepped back to see what it looked like, before reshaping it a couple of times until I settled on the shape that I both liked the look of and worked in that a door would open to it and be open enough to get into the room effectively.

On a side note I am a fan of the idea of a door should open into the room (so from a hall or larger room into the next room) not the other way around, in other words to enter a room you push the door into the room and to exit you pull the door. This is not always practical, for example in a small ensuite or closet there is not enough room to back away inside the room far enough to pull the door open past you to get out. There is enough room in the ensuite for the door to open into it and to open it again from inside it but there is not in the robe. However there is no need to have the door closed and be inside the robe so this wont be an issue and I am also a fan of symmetry wherever possible so I want the doors in each hull to open the same way, so whichever way I go I have to do on both hulls.

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