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Port hull doors done, Starboard half done

Posted by Paul

The forecast cooler weather did not really eventuate, it was warmer today. Still nowhere near the 38 we had Tuesday but warmer, about 25. I had to work a little faster but no big deal. I got 3 more of the doorways uni roped. That’s 5 done, all 3 in the port hull done, and 2 in the Starboard hull. I just have the toilet cubicle in the ensuite and the aft bunk cut out to do, and I have prepared for the aft bunk and will do that first up tomorrow. Actually I have a lot more to do, there is the main doorway, all of the saloon windows when I cut them, and all of the hatches and portlights will have uni rope in the edges. The deck hatches in the cockpit and foredeck and bows will need to be decored also but they can be backfilled just with filler.

I have also hit a couple of the finished ones with a grinder to clean up the edges. I am quite happy with the way they have turned out. I still have to fill some places but very few and they already have sharp square edges. The doorways will still need some trimming to accommodate the doors, and I may pre mold them or at least the rounded section but that is some time down the track.

uni awaiting resinwet uni rolled into rope

Although I have photographed the uni rope preparation before it was no trouble to post some again in case you have forgotten or have started reading since I did the uni rope in the tops of the bulkheads. I dont even remember when I did them it was so long ago.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the uni ropes on the 2 remaining doorways in the starboard hull. There will be another doorway in each hull to do when I put the bathroom and rear bunk walls in, but I will probably put the uni into the doorway before I put the bulkhead in. I may also start to glue and glass in the robe furniture.

I also spent an hour trying to sand some of the glue, resin and bog drips off the factory floor. Unfortunately some of us (me included) have been very careless with letting bog and resin fall to the floor and then not cleaned it up. OK I am being diplomatic but the globs must be shifted from under Dennis’s boat before it can be moved as the floor is no longer smooth enough for wheels to roll with a 4 ton boat on them, they would hit one of those globs and stop dead! I struggled for an hour and barely got a square meter sanded, then just before it was time for me to knock off for the day we tried heating the blobs with both a blow torch and a heat gun and both methods worked pretty well so tomorrow we will try to remove a lot more of them with those methods.

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