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Port dagger case exit sanded

Posted by Paul

I had hoped to get a couple of hours each of Monday and Tuesday to get into 70 hours and to have both case exits sanded. Unfortunately I only got to work one of the afternoons and only got one of them done. The port hull. I sanded the bog down and discovered that here and there there was glass that was not adhered to the glass below, in other words a bubble. They are easy to find, when you run your finger over them the sound that is made changes like tapping a wall to find the studs. Once you start sanding the glass will be sanded off leaving another area that will need to be back filled with more bog. You would think that ideally you would need to re-glass the section but I have 2 and in some places 3 layers of glass over the joins so unless you go through both layers there is no need to re-glass the entire area just fill the area back up and re fair. To be sure though I decided to fill with glue rather than bog. It is structurally harder. I decided I would run a smear of it over the entire edge of the exit of the case to harden that area.

partially faired port dagger exitpartially faired port dagger exit 1

I also ran my hand up inside the case to feel for splinters. It is inevitable I think that when you are running many small pieces of glass up inside the case that some of it will set as splinters away from the surface. The only way to know is the hard way, run your hand up and gently feel for them. Where they exist I tried to remove them with sand paper as best I could. The once I was sure I could do no better with sand paper I ran a smear of glue over the edges to be sure as good seal was created by the smear of glue and also be sure that the glue itself was not going to be sharp points that could damage the surface of the daggerboard as it is raised or lowered through the shaft. I will give this smear of glue another sand once it is set.

Then once this additional glue sets and I backfill any lows spots left I can coat it with some high build and sand that back, ready for a couple of coats of copper epoxy to restore it to the original finish. I will have the other side (starboard) sanded to the same level later this week. Nine lives will be painted soon then they will apply copper epoxy so I will run their paint roller with copper epoxy over my case exits when they do their hulls.

I am still not quite getting the hours I need each month. I have been aiming at 90 hours but am only getting to about 70 each month. Maybe next month. Next month I plan to start getting to some of the internal under sole work such as other through hulls, conduits for wiring and plumbing so that I can finally glue the soles down.

Time Spent: 68.00 Hours

Total build time so far: 2450.00 Hours

Total Elapsed Time: 3 Years 9 months 4 weeks

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