Building Logs

Port cabin side glued on.

Posted by Paul

The January heat has been unrelenting. It was the same last year, in fact it was so bad (and it was my first summer in this shed) that I got a bit disheartened and only managed 34 hours. I had hoped to double that this year and get to 68 hours but the heat beat me and I only got to 65 hours for the month. And because of the heat the work was slow going, but is relative to hot conditions every year. the 8 hours today was akin to 4 hours work in winter.

My goal for January was also to have the cabin top glued and glassed on. I have it mostly glued on, there are just sections along the bottom at the middle of the curves that needs filling with duflex before it is finished. So I can probably sand the glued top join inside and out but the bottom may not get glassed until mid week. So I again I got close and I am happy with the progress given the heat, which I have no control over.

With the roof and sides almost on, January has completely changed the look of the project and it is now almost at its final shape. The next month or 2 will see the final shape emerge.

Time Spent: 65.00 Hours

Total build time so far: 2142.00 Hours

Total Elapsed Time: 3 Years 4 months 3 weeks

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