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Port BH4 cutaway back in

Posted by Paul

My goal on the weekend was to glass the mast back and get the cutaway bulkhead back in. I could not get the bulkhead cutaway back in on the wet glass so I got that done today. I keyed the glass each side of the bulkhead. I gave the bulkhead part a grind either side to remove the excess glue and I dry fitted the part. It was a tight fit back in and there were voids that would need glue fill and also the 20mm strip against the hull side that I had to saw off separately including some grinding.

I cut a strip of 25mm duflex (bulkhead thickness) 20mm wide and to the correct length and I pushed it into the gap. It was a little tight so I ground it down until it was easy to fit, too tight and I would not get any glue to stay on the join, it would all scrape off as the piece went into the slot.

port bh4 cutaway back

With all of the parts dry fit, it was a simple matter to mix up some glue and glue it all in. I then coved the join each side and wet out strips of glass tape and glassed it. It is better to glass onto the glue wet on wet rather than letting it set and then having to grind it smooth again. I applied some peel ply and left it to set. All that is left to do is to glass the bulkhead over all of the joins and it will be as if the bulkhead was never cutaway.

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