Side decks, Strip planking

Planks Sanded

Posted by Paul

Today was another one of those days. On a build as long as this you get days that go brilliantly and days when things don’t go your way. Today was latter. I started the day by running a saw cut down the middle of the remaining planks to be shaped and turned and twisted and fastened into place. Well that was the plan, and that was what worked on the port hull. Unfortunately the starboard hull had other ideas and as I bent each of the planks into place, they broke! I broke 2 planks on the port hull and not in this section, in the flat section that I already have in place (I broke 2 planks there on the sb hull too but as with the port, easy to anchor them to their neighbour), but on the side section I didn’t break any planks on the port hull, but as the picture below shows, I broke them all on the starboard side.

No matter, the beauty of this material is that it is fairly easy to repair mistakes or accidents and possible to make just about any shape. I will glue smaller pieces together and fill the gaps, a bit more glue and bog that I otherwise would have needed but after a bit of sanding and grinding, i will have it back into shape before glassing, hopefully tomorrow whilst the temperatures are still mild.

I have removed all of the screws except the top and bottom ones, and sanded the rest of the panel so if I fill the gaps and then wet out the glass whilst the glue is still rubbery (wet on almost wet) I can save having to fill and sand them again.

I doubt I will be able to glass tomorrow as I will need to sand and grind the shaped section once the glue is set, so that in itself requires an overnight set.

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