Dinghy, Side decks, Strip planking

Planks glued

Posted by Paul

I had a good day today, and I managed to get the planks on the starboard side glued strip planking. I also filled the rest of the panels on the dingy and sanded the ones I did yesterday and refit the hatch lid. I still have to attach the hinges and locking latch and I will also cut out a small hole for the petrol hose to get out through a locked locker, so I can leave the dingy unattended and not risk losing the tank.

sb planks glueddingy hatch lid on

Today was a similar day to the day I glued the port planking, raining but really humid so it didn’t feel hot until I started working, then I felt it and I was fairly tired once I had finished. I worked all afternoon and managed to get all that I wanted done. I am not quite at the stage of glassing tomorrow, but not far of. I still have all of the reshaping work to do.

The usual gluing method was employed, mix up some glue of varying thickness depending on the gap size in the planks, if the gaps in the are are quite narrow then a runny mix, if they are wide then a thick mix so it doesn’t just drip out again, and then squeeze it into the gaps using a flexible scraper and then clean up any spill through underneath with the scraper.

Tomorrow I should be able to get the glass hung on the job and trimmed, and the stern curve shaped ready for wet out on Sunday.

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