Building Logs

Perfect fit.

Posted by Paul

I love it when I make something that works well. The tank that goes between the dagger case and hull side in the port hull fits perfectly. I have the shape and size correct so that it is wedged in firmly and tightly. I could almost get away without glassing it in. It is the correct height, any taller and it would impede the side deck when it is fitted. In fact I will fit the side deck before I fit the tank in so that I can get to the hull to side deck join and glass it before fitting the tank. But having the side deck on wont impede the tank going in.

dagger tank in placeport black position

Having the side deck on will impede the rear black tank going in so I will be fitting that before the side deck goes on. It goes into the side of what will become a small utility room behind the shower, which will house a washing machine, the water heater and a water maker, and be a store room for my tools and spares I intend to carry. I may still move the washing machine onto the chamfer panel depending on a number of things. First will it fit. I am yet to go get the measurements or even decided on a particular model. I can buy a front loader for about $1000 or a cheaper mini top loader for much less and this would side on floor against the back bulkhead in that utility (laundry?) room. I figure the space under the cockpit seats is dead space so I should try to use it if I can, meaning I have more useable standing room in my mini workshop. I have to be careful and not load up this area with weight as it is getting close to the sterns and you dont want weight in any of the ends of the hulls front or back.

They are final fairing Nine Lives so the place has been covered in dust for the past 2 months. It is near pointless cleaning up because the day after you clean the place is covered in dust again. But about another 4 weeks and that will end so I can have a big clean up. It has some shiny white bits that give you tremendous motivation. I love looking at shiny white boats. Soon the hulls will be painted. I will post some pics then.

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