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One more set of unis.

Posted by Paul

I have just 2 sets of unis to go now, the 4 layers in front of BH4 and the back of BH7 over the duckboard. I only managed one side of bulkhead 7 today, 7 layers of 1000g uni and a layer of 457g double bias with the same to go. I only have 2 more lengths of 1000g so I will have to use some 460g. I have a 100mm roll of 460g so I will cut half as many as I need and fold them when wetting out to get to the 50mm I need. I figure I need 5 lengths for the back of BH7 and 2 lengths for the front of BH4.

I had a light day today, just 4 hours. I did not have time to do both sides anyway or I should say I didn’t want to work for that long today, so I took it easy and just did the front set. Once I have the last set behind BH7 done, I will start on the hull webs and leave the very last set in front of BH4 for later when I push through plumbing and wiring.

I also want to finish the forebeam and fit it soon, and maybe the saloon roof after that and it would be fun to start on the strip planking as these once made are taken off again until after everything is fitted so it would be nice to have that job done, both for the time consuming nature of it (the fairing!) because as the end of the build nears it would be great to have a big hurdle already done, but more for getting the visual that the finished sides and decks give to the boat. Also winter is the best time to do big glass and glue jobs (strip planking and saloon roof) as the open time is so much longer.

The next couple of months should be interesting.

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