Odd Jobs Again

Posted by Paul

The Bows are closed (on the inside of each hull) as is the foredeck. Next I will glue the side decks on. I had intended to, as I have every month for the last 3, to make the cabin top but I think it will be put off again because 9 Lives is very close to finished and ready to move out, so if she is gone next month, making the roof can take place where it now is meaning I can work more freely than I otherwise could under the bridgedeck. In the meantime there are a bunch of jobs that need doing, like gluing in the dagger cases and starting to run conduit for wiring in the soles as well as plumbing in water-pipes. There are rudders to make, rear steps to plan and make and the duckboard enclosures to make, so there are literally months of work to go on with, without touching the endless fairing that still needs to be done.

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