October 31st 2006

Posted by Paul

It has been sometime since my last (first) post but I felt compelled to add to our website.

I am sitting upstairs at our warehouse while Paul is putting the final coat of High Build onto Hull #2. He told me to go away because the fumes would overwhelm me. (He’s right! I can taste the smell…wow is it strong!!) I don’t want to go away because I want to feel involved in our project. Despite not doing heaps of the physical building, I have become a boat builder by osmosis. (or maybe that is just the effect of the High Build fumes?)

We have had a week that included many nice emails from readers all over the world as well as a few visitors to the shed to see the boat. I have a genuine sense of pride for the skills I’ve seen my husband display. Whist occasionally it feels as though Mahna Mahna is “the other woman” in our marriage, when Paul gets to show people his boat I puff up with pride too. He has amazed me with his dedication to his dream. It is just as much fun for me to watch the boat go together as I’m sure it is for those readers who are contemplating a project similar to this one.

To any partners of dreamers, I can assure you the wait is worth it… anyway, we’ve still got to overcome my sea-sickness once this baby is built! Thank you to the nice people who take the time to write to us…to quote Rene’ from Austria your emails give us “a lot of motivation for continuing”.

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