October 14th 2007

Posted by Paul

Remember me? I’m the other half of the boat building team…the one who consistently brings home the bacon to pay for the dream. I have been in hiding for a very long time because I have been harbouring a secret from my in-laws. Paul’s family live in Melbourne, so between working and boat building, we haven’t seen them since January 2007. What they don’t know is that I have been losing weight – a lot of weight! I decided that I didn’t want to be a “fat 40 year old” so I needed to do something about it. With the help of Jenny Craig and a personal trainer (and a decent dose of self motivation) I have now lost almost 15kg (over 30lbs). This equates to 20% of my former body weight gone! I’m pretty proud of myself and Paul is delighted that we’ll now be able to carry more water onboard! I’ll post some before and after shots soon. Anyone at the Schionning Muster next week is welcome to feel my “guns”. It may actually be a mandatory for those who come to see our boat on the Thursday.

I get a lot of questions about “how do I convince my wife to let me build a catamaran?” My suggestion is to ensure you picked the right wife in the 1st place! Dreams are subject to change at short notice. My lifelong dream was to turn 40, buy a Harley Davidson motorbike and ride off into the sunset. We adapted my dream to sailing off into the sunset and riding a moped when on land. Let me make it clear that after obtaining my learners permit for a motorbike, I have ridden solo one time. This solo ride scared me SO much that I fogged my own visor with fear – I was hyperventilating! I have decided to change my dream to riding on the back of a scooter with Paul in charge. I’ll lean sideways to catch a glimpse of the sunset. Paul got his license last week and in a year is allowed to carry a passenger.

Check in soon for the before and after pics, just waiting on them coming back from the glamour studio but definitely no need to airbrush (this comment was by Paul) !

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