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Now Just a Days Sanding to Go

Posted by Paul

I have used a roller to put on the third and final coat of highbuild on Monday. So today I just checked how it had dried but did not attempt to sand if for the final time. I will wait until either tomorrow or Thursday. I am very happy with the way it has turned out. The coat applied was a bit finer than the other coats and I used just a little less highbuild this coat and in places where there is no white highbuild underneath the color of the panel below shows through a little but in the end it is not what it looks like that counts it is the fairness and smoothness. It barely even needs a sand. And in a way I guess it will barely get one. The 240 grit is almost like wet and dry it is so fine.

Once that final sanding is done, hopefully before the weekend, I will apply the copper epoxy antifoul undercoat (some use this as their only antifoul but I have my doubts it would be fully effective on its own) for the Pure Seal, assuming of course it passes the test of time. I plan to have this done by Sunday evening. Then all there is left to do (for now) is to turn it over.

highbuild 3rd coat inboardhighbuild 3rd coat

As a bit of fun today, I played around in PhotoShop with a couple of images I had of the Schionning Radical Bay (8mt bi-rig cat) and another Schionning, a 13mt Cosmos called Full Pelt and created a mock up of what our cat might look like when finished. There are a couple of factual errors, for example Full Pelt is a strip planked round chine hull whilst ours is flat panel hard chine hull and the masts are probably not high enough and also raked a bit too much but its a better idea of how she might look than the drawn picture we had. I have put it on our front page.

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