Filling hull joins

Now Finished Filling Hull Joins

Posted by Paul

I have now finished filling all of the hull join gaps so all that is left to do before sanding it all smooth is to fill all of the screw holes. I am getting some super large syringes and will give them a try tomorrow. Some people drill out the holes even further to make them much easier to fill, I am going to try to fill them as they are, and as the screw holes are made by self taping screws they should have threads in them. I think that the thread will keep the filler in place once it is set. It will not be a male tube of glue inside a female hole, it will be male thread to female thread shape and therefore should hold much better.

I think that I may still have some spot filling here and there that will show up once I start sanding back the filler. I have probably put a little too much filler at the bow but it will sand back so I am not too concerned but it does look a bit of a mess in the picture. Overall though I am very pleased with the way the hull has turned out and am very pleased with the shape. I think that the hull entry in these pics shows why Schionning boats sail so well. The entry is aggressive but flares to a very buoyant bow that has built in buoyancy and safety. I sound like I know what I am talking about don’t I?!


I bought the Jan/Feb edition (76) of Multihull World magazine to read on the way down to Melbourne on Friday and was surprised to see myself and Jo in an article on Wilderness Kit cats in it on Page 6. At the risk of infringing copyright I have included a pic above. I am sure they wont mind me putting it in as I am in effect advertising their mag and besides they didn’t ask me if they could publish pics of me in their mag, not that I am complaining. I am happy to be a celebrity!! I wonder if I will get a discounted subscription! I doubt it.

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