Bogging Port hulls, Fairing

Nothing Like a Good Hard Bog

Posted by Paul

Yes, we have hard bog all over the boat. It is a bit thin in places despite Randall warning me that he needed to add a little more here and there. I have decided that I would rather also add a little more where needed rather than sand away excess bog. The end result is the same, and if you see pictures of sanded boats such as the one I have added below (this isn’t mine so if you built this and recognize it email me and I will credit you with the picture) you will see how much or more aptly how little bog should be left when it is all sanded back.

1100 faired

I wont get to do much work this week. I may get some inside tapes done tomorrow but on Thursday I will be traveling to Melbourne again. So it will be next week when I get to sand all that hard bog! Great.

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