Hull moving

Not much happening.

Posted by Paul

Since the excitement of last weekends move not much has happened. I had to go to Melbourne on Wednesday until Friday and this weekend was spent moving stuff from one warehouse to the other. I hand the keys of the old warehouse back next Saturday as the agents have found a new tenant to take over 1st April, which is great as it saves me a month of double rent. So this week I have to finalise the cleanup of the old shed and move about 3 more ute loads of larger items that don’t fit into our wagon. No big deal but it takes up time that I could be using to start building again. To make the rest of the build easier I will also build a 12 meter table along one wall in order to cut glass etc. So I will probably not start the joining of the hulls until after next weekend.

MM hulls in positionMM ready to join

I expect Dennis will get his materials delivered soon so James can start on his cat. I inaccurately reported the design. He is building an 11 meter ply design from Mike Waller design called a Sunseeker. It looks like a nice design.

One final note, the new shed is 13.5 meters wide and the beam of my cat is 7 meters and length 12.3 meters and those who remember Pythagoras, you can work out that from port bow to starboard steps the distance is 14.5 meters, so the boat may not rotate completely in the shed. I will join the hulls temporarily using clamps and make sure I can bring the hulls to parallel to the side walls so that I can move it to the roller door to roll it out. The boat will be on castors so it can be rolled around. The cradles have wheels but I may have to make a more rigid dolly out of steel for under the bridgedeck. I have seen pictures of production cats on them. I will need to block up the cradles in order to adjust the height of the hulls prior to joining them but I can join them temporarily whilst on the castors to do the rotation test.

If the boat wont rotate I will simply re align the hulls parallel to the side walls before joining them so that I can simply roll it sideways on wheels to the doors and out. I want to avoid this if possible because it makes getting up and down into the boat more difficult, not impossible but inconvenient as the hull ends would only be a meter from the walls. Not a big issue, there are many ways to solve it, I could even join the hulls in the position they are in, and then roll it sideways maintaining that angle until I get to the roller doors then I have more width to complete the roll around to parallel and roll out. Years to think about a solution but having started the build in a place I couldn’t finish I now want to finalize all the end details before I go on any further.

Time Spent: 10.00 Hours

Total build time so far: 779.00 Hours

Total Elapsed Time: 1 Year 6 months 3 weeks

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