Fairing, Highbuild, Starboard Hull

Not Much Done Today

Posted by Paul

I did the last of the sanding today but not as much as I thought I would need to do. I decided it would be a good idea for now not to sand the joins. I want there to be a build up of highbuild on the very edge of the chine so that I can use it to make the chines as straight as I possibly can, especially the above water chine on the outboard side. So after about half an hour of hand sanding here and there, I vacuumed the dust off the hull and gave it a wash.

I used the glossy surface of the wet hull to check for fairness by lining up the light from the ceiling and using the wet surface like a mirror and moving the reflection down the hull looking for areas that were not fair. I was very happy with the finish on the outboard side, the inboard side was not as good but acceptable (the opposite to the other hull). Remember the inboard side is not very visible as it is under the bridgedeck. So this points to an easier job with the sanding of the next 2 coats of highbuild and possibly a better result than last time.

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