Building Logs

Nose Cones and Moving Boats

Posted by Paul

After 3 years sitting where it has the boat is about to move for the second last time on land (well perhaps it will be back on land at some point via a travel lift for maintenance). The fairers want to get started but in order to to that they need the nose cones on, but in order to do that I need the boat turned. Because the boat is at its longest from the port bow to the starboard stern and that length is slightly longer than the shed is wide, I have to turn the boat 90 degrees so that it is side on to the shed before the nose cones go on. I have about 200mm to spare before the noses are on. The noses are about 400mm so you dont need a math degree. So over the next few weeks work will centre around getting the hulls finished so the fairing can commence.

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