Building Logs

No work today.

Posted by Paul

The title of the post pretty much says it all. I did go in and removed the peelply to check the glassing. Nearly all fine. Remember yesterday I mentioned the effect of being tired and cutting corners. I have often finished a glassing session and pretty much washed up and gone home leaving the tapes or wet out to set. I did the same yesterday. I had peel ply on a wet out upside down tape. Perhaps if I was not so heat exhausted I might of hung around a while longer rechecking the glassing and considering how fast the heat was making the resin go off I would not have to stay long. I did not do that. I paid (the small) price for that today, well I will tomorrow.

When I checked the taping today, outside first I was very happy with the results. Good adhesion all around, only one small edge had lifted so I have an area about the size of a 10c coin to grind off, it wont need glassing over just grinding the bubble off and bogging. Then inside the port side was fine. The Starboard side however had a sagged tape. Apparently the peel ply fell off pulling it away from the wet tape below it. Fortunately for me, it stopped at only 200mm. I need to grind this section off being careful not to grind through the glass tape below it, and then retape it. No biggie but just another small job (probably half an hours work) I have to do now that I wouldn’t have to do if I had stayed just 10 minutes more.

I could not resist taking a couple more shots of the roof on. I am feeling particularly proud during this part of the build.

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