Attaching hull panels, Starboard Hull

No I’m not a Doctor

Posted by Paul

Today my knee improved markedly because I couldn’t get a decent sleep with my knee strapped so I decided to remove the strapping (bandages holding the joint still) and awoke to much less pain and walking did not make it worsen during the day. So my home doctoring was actually making it worse. And to think I was going to start doing house calls…perhaps not.

Getting up and down the ladders was nowhere near as painful today and hence progress was swift. It only took me 2 hours to complete what took 3 for the exact same work the day before. I attached the inboard bilge board today.

Same process as yesterday. I lift it into place using the ratchet straps. Once I have placed it exactly where it should be, fore and aft and hard up against the panel above all around, I start at the middle temp bulkheads and working forward and aft I screw the bulkheads and temps down. Then I remove the screws again from the rear half of the bulkheads and temps, apply the glue and re screw down the bulkheads and temps then repeat this at the bow. That’s it.

I may change the plan and instead of attaching the next panels next I will do some of the internal work inside the bow at the keel that is so hard to get to once the larger panels are attached. This includes gluing and filling the panel joins, internal coving and taping and attaching the keelson. I didn’t do it this way on the first hull and now I have to figure out how I am going to reach down 5 feet upside down (on the now turned over hull) into a 1 foot square area to attach the coves, tapes and keelson.

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