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Next on the Roof is to Turn it Over

Posted by Paul

I called into the shed this morning for an hour to add that section of glass I mentioned yesterday. The idea to add it only occurred to me last night when looking at the photos. I realised I would have a hollow about 500mm wide to fill across the top front of the roof and thought it would be better to add some glass than bog. I have no idea which would be heavier but I know which would be stronger. I will still need bog of course but much less of it now than before. It is amazing how much difference this one layer of glass makes but I guess a wet out layer of glass is between 1mm and 2mm deep, and placed where I put it, the hard edge does not look anywhere near as high a ridge as it did in yesterdays photos.

The resin from yesterday was still tacky to touch, which is not surprising. The night was not warm and the resin is designed to go off slower, which I believe is one of the main reasons Schionning provide it in their kits, most of the taping and other resin work is West but major glass wet outs are ADR. They both come from the same supplier, ATL. This was good for me today as I wanted to glass to yesterdays glassing, so with it tacky it means it is still open. What that means is that I will still get a molecular bonding, a chemical bond, and I don’t have to sand the glass to get a mechanical bond. If I needed a mechanical bond I would need to wait for the resin to harden. I did grind a little today because I was glassing over the edge of 2 glass strips and I needed them smoothed down to avoid air bubbles and I was able to grind that small amount of resin but it did clog my sanding disk. I also put down some old peel ply to kneel on because of the tackiness of the resin.

The wet out was quick, it only took me half an hour but surprisingly I put down a 2.2meter long by 600mm wide strip of 457g (per square meter) glass meaning about 600 grams of cloth but I used 800 grams of resin. Yesterday I used almost exactly 1:1 resin to cloth by weight but for some reason today, using exactly the same method I used a little more resin. I am not going to lose any sleep over 200g of resin but it is puzzling.

I finished by removing the rivets that were holding the edges of the nidacore to shape and while the resin is still soft enough to change shape, it wont move too far now, I just needed to be sure that the shape and height of the 2 edges (duracore to nidacore) were at exactly the same height. All is setting well.

Now I just have to wait a couple of days before I can attempt to move or do any further work on the roof. I was tempted to spread some bog on it today but decided to stick to the plan and do that once the inside is glassed and the shape is set hard.

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