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More Work on Foam Nose Cones

Posted by Paul

Usually when I am doing 2 of something that are essentially the same thing I have in the past made both at the same time, and I did that when cutting the materials (foam) for these nose cones because I knew I didn’t have enough to finish both, so I had to cut or nest the foam in such as way as to ensure I had enough to finish. Which I did. But when it came to gluing them together i decided to finish one completely before starting on the other. Just to be sure that what I was doing would work before committing myself to the other one the same way. It worked and I spent the weekend making the nose cones ready for shaping. What’s more, they are a tight fit on the ply box “tongue” and I have a pitiful little pile of foam off cuts left that are pretty much useless. I will probably need about another half a sheet to finish all the seat front edges around the cockpit. The only annoying thing about being short of foam and making oversize nose cones for shaping is more than half of the foam I dont have any of and need more of will end up on the floor in shavings!

I mentioned I glue the foam panels to each other, but I didn’t actually use glue powder, I used coving compound, because it is not as hard as glue and a little easier to sand so that when shaping it the glue does not offer a different resistance to shaping than the foam. It will make shaping a bit easier.

Shaping will not take place now until the boat is turned, still trying to figure out what to do about wheels. 250kg wheels are about $50 each and I would need 16 of them, which is a bit expensive ($800) for essentially a one time use item. I am now looking at 4 x 1000kg wheels (or I should say looking for) and if I can find some then we will weld up a steel dolly to go under the bridgedeck, but will have use for the boat-builders in the shed after I am launched so we will share the cost.

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