Coving, Pureseal test, Taping hull joins and bulkheads

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Posted by Paul

I am in Melbourne for a few days and a few more thoughts that I want to report on have come to mind. Just on the coving and taping, like most things in life, I got better and faster as I progressed and you can see that progression in the tapes and probably be able to pick the order that they were done just by looking at them. Except for the very last one. It gets dark around 5pm now and I usually start around 11 and work through till around 6pm. We have fairly good lighting in our warehouse but in under the hull I need a light and have been using one of the cheap halogen spotlights. They are great, except the bulbs are super fragile and even the slightest movement when they are hot and the globe goes. The lights cost $7 with 2 globes but I have gone through 4 globes in 2 weeks, at $3 each!! Now that’s not a lot of money but when you consider the small price of the light (including a spare globe) it is almost cheaper to go buy another light! But more costly than the globes is the inconvenience of blowing a globe half way through a tape wet out. The lamps run so hot, it takes half an hour until it cools enough to change the globe (and luckily I have spares!). I didn’t have time to wait for the lamp to cool so I pressed on with the very last tape in near darkness with just a very weak flashlight every minute or so (I had to keep putting it down as I need both hands to apply the tape). The end result was not a terrible job but not my best work. The second last tape was the best and so on back. The moral of this story is that I am going to try other lighting methods as the halogens are not reliable enough. More reports on this as I come up with the best option.

I also want to take this opportunity to make 2 comments on emails. Over the last few days I have received a lot of really lovely emails from readers and I want to thank you all for them. They are a great part of writing this site and I love to hear from you. Please feel free to email at anytime, I always find time to answer them. Some of the emails are from fellow builders with advice and encouragement. Thank you all I very much appreciate it. It is very helpful and motivating. And some emails are from possible future builders (this also came up on the Schionning Forum) and to you all I say go for it, you wont regret it. The sooner you start the sooner you will finish.

Finally, yesterday before we left, I got a chance to start a test on a product that may be of interest (well the result wont be in for some time) to other builders. I am planning on a very lazy retirement on board our boat, so everything I can do to minimize necessary maintenance now I am going to do if it is cost effective. That is one (not the most important but important nonetheless) reason we went for the bi-rig, unstayed masts means less maintenance of rigging. To this hassle free end, we are investigating a new anti foul method called Pure Seal. It is a rubber like coating, that goes on as a paint and will adhere to any substance and nothing will adhere to it once it is cured, so the theory goes. McIntyre Marine handles the product in Australia and Schionning are an agent of McIntyre. Sam at Schionning has sent me a piece of checker plate coated in the stuff. I have hung it off our pier and will report every 6 months or so on how it is going. If the blurb is true, a simple walk along the pier dragging the piece of plate through the water should result in anything (and they claim it is almost impossible) that has managed to get a grip to fall off just by the water moving past. A yacht in normal motion would do this.
So that means never having to scrub the bottom and antifoul for years at a time (they claim 10!). Assuming the stuff works, my only other concern is that the stuff seems to scrape off very easily. I scratched the stuff off the high points of the checker plate with just my finger nail so imaging what a grounding along a sandy bottom might do! I will have to investigate that a little more. Anyway stay tuned.

Pure Seal samplePure Seal under pier

* I have added a picture to illustrate my point on corner coving above.

I should be back to work on the boat on the weekend.

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