Fairing, Starboard Hull

More Sanding

Posted by Paul

I managed about 3 hours sanding today and am just over a quarter of the way (30%) done on the bog sand back. I have burnt out another random orbital sander, both went the same way, they spin freely (and fast) when not touching the disc but the moment you touch the disc to the face to be sanded it stops. So it has no torque at all. That and the smoke that comes out of them tells me they are finished!

So the power tool tally is 3 sanders (2 randoms and 1 orbital) and 2 cordless drills so far (one had the chuck jam, the other the switch went). These things are so cheap it is not worth buying expensive ones. Some even have warranties but again too cheap to worry about it. Anyway I am thinking of switching to air tools.

More of the same to come. But as I suggested I may do some internal taping for a while to break it up a bit.

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