Bows, Strip planking

More bow planking

Posted by Paul

The bow section is much smaller than the sides of the entire hulls but they still take a while to plank. Not as many screws to drive in but more planks needed to fill a larger radius, and the inside of the bows change shape more dramatically over a shorter area than the hull to deck side turns so there is more twist on the planks and more planks will end in tapers.

I have managed only a couple of hours work today and in that time I got about half the planking done on the starboard bow inboard side. As with the first (port) hull to deck, my first attempt will no doubt be a bit messier than the second one but once glued, glassed and bogged, there will be no way to tell which side is better.

I am hoping to get the rest of the planking done over the next couple of days, although I am off to Melbourne again later this week. Then hopefully on the weekend I can glue and glass the outside of the panel.

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